Although this resort town has all the modern conveniences, the major attraction in Acapulco has always been- and will continue to be- the sun and its beaches. Acapulco boasts an average year round temperature of 80 degrees, and more sunny days per year than anywhere else in the country.

The areas first true water activity took place hundreds of years ago at La Quebrada, where daring young men dove from the high cliffs into the waters below. Although you can still watch the spine-tingling plunge, the majority of Acapulco's water sports- including water skiing, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving, are much more tame.

The minute the sun goes down, the Strip comes alive with people milling around for excitement. Disco hopping is a high art in Acapulco, and for those who prefer to watch, there are plenty of live shows and folk performances. This playground of the international rich and famous is situated on Mexico's Pacific Coast, where steep cliffs, beautiful bays and secluded beaches providethe perfect setting for luxurious resorts built with your every pleasure in mind.

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When you've had enough sun, ther are plenty of other diversions including, boat cruises around Acapulco Bay, championship golf courses, 2 amusement parks (one with a zoo and botanical gardens, the other has a water park complete with water slides and wave pool), the Acapulco Cultural Center which displays Mexican artifacts, and of course, shopping. Acapulco is home to hundreds of shops and boutiques selling virtually anything you desire.

Handcrafted items like embroidered clothing, ceramics and hand-blown glass are also worth a look.

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Acapulco's most popular daytime activity may be its beaches, but when the sun sets, the focus shifts to the nightclubs. Linger over a late dinner as you watch the lights twinkle around Acapulco Bay. Fresh seafood, grilled steak or chicken, and local favorites can always be found - and plan to burn off all those calories with a few hours on the dance floor, (clubs stay open until approximately 4 a.m. - some even until sunrise!).



Acapulco's year-round Fiestas

If your headed for Acapulco, plan on an exciting, fast-paced vacation!

And keep in mind that you may not get any rest until you arrive home!